Day 2 build...

The build continues......

After completing our first day of building we were all tired, but happy to have completed 9 houses. We are definitely a little ahead of the curve at this point.

After a quick breakfast, we were back in the vans for our hour long commute back to the village. The highway that connects Phnom Penh to Battambang is a good road by Cambodian standards, but here it would be the equivalent of a paved county road; one lane of traffic in each direction.

Once we turn off highway 5, it is a totally different matter.

Dirt road, that might be graded once a year. Because it is try season we immediately kick up a cloud of dust that follows our vehicles all the way to the village, which I guess is about 15km off of the main highway.

Everyone in the village knows that we will be there, but we still get stares of curiosity as we inch our way through the very small village market, selling fresh vegetables, clothing and other items essential to village life.

Our by now veteran team swings into full gear right away with everyone gravitating to their section of our new houses. Some people nail on the floor, while others man the ladders and begin nailing on the corrugated tin siding..

By 3:30 we have finished another 8 houses, but I think we would risk mass heat-stroke if we tried to finish our last three houses, so it will be back for a short day tomorrow to finish our twenty houses.

Once again we have a short ceremony mc’d by Srei, who has been with us on each of our builds, and families get to move into their house and start to make it their home.

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