The 2009 Build Diary

Pre-Flight Ramblings:

Well, our fundraising efforts were a great success, thanks to a joint effort between Rockin4Tabitha3, and ‘Team Ritskes/Brennan’.

The funds were sent over to Cambodia just when the dollar took a huge hit, but we still had enough for our twenty-house goal. Thanks again to everyone who supported this worthy event.

Our team this year is 11 strong; and we will need every bit of strength to succeed in finishing our 20 houses in 3 days.

It is great to have Jeff and Mary Ritskes on another build. They were part of our first build and, as often happens, Asia and the build experience has called them back again. Nathan Weiss, an Instructor here at the Thai Boxing Academy has been part of every Rockin4Tabitha build and is returning with us again this year - Thanks Nate. Also returning from last year’s build is TBA member Dr. Paula Piilonen, who has been very helpful with ideas and organization skills, not only for R4T3, but for Tabitha Canada as well.

As usual, our team is an independent lot, and rather than an organized ‘if this is Friday, this must be Saigon’, group tour, everyone is leaving and returning from Canada according to their own agenda. We will all meet in Phnom Penh for our orientation on Friday the 30th of January followed by a night cruise on the Mekong River.

As this is going to be the first build in the Battambang province, Tabitha Foundation founder Janne Ritskes will be accompanying us on the build. This is going to make the build even more interesting and fun than usual.

Team Gear...

All team members were furnished with an apron, hammer, and work gloves courtesy of Home Depot. Thank you!

Team Ritskes provided work hats to help keep the sun at bay, and the Thai Boxing Academy provided build t-shirts, so we should all look spiffy….at least on the first day.

Everyone is ‘taking off’ within the next two-weeks, so our next report will be ‘from the field’.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Hopefully the ‘Cambodian Internet Black Hole’ will not appear this year, but if you don’t see anything for a while that will be the reason – messages will inexplicably have disappeared into the Internet Wasteland.

Bob Carver and Wendy Cunning – ‘Rockin4Tabitha’

Jeff and Mary Ritskes - ‘Team Ritskes/Brennan’

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Nice, everyone have a great trip.