Arriving... at last!

The 51 hour flight...
(or the crystallized crapper caper)

Well, wouldn't you know that Air Canada just keeps on getting better and better.

We were scheduled to leave ottawa at 7am on the 26th, but due to a frozen toilet were unable to leave = flight cancelled. Pick up bags, go back upstairs and wait for an hour to have an agent try to re-route us. Luckily we were able to get out, however, our usual 31 hrs. of travel turned into a whopping 51....

Hang around Ottawa til noon, fly to Toronto, hang around til 5:30 fly to LA, hang around LA til midnight, catch the redeye to Hong Kong. Short wait in Hong Kong and into Bangkok. Because we were so far behind, we waited in Suvarnaphum airport for our flight to Phnom Penh, which originally was to happen after a good night's sleep in a hotel close to the airport.... hangout by the pool, maybe get a massage.... no such luck.

Short hop and we were in Phnom Penh. Good news... all of our team members arrived safely! Tomorrow we will have our orientation, and first time builders will visit the killing fields and Tuol Sleng prison.

In and around Phnom Penh

Our orientation went well, but, as usual, during orientation with Janne, there weren't many dry eyes. Orientation is crucial to understanding today's Cambodia.

There are also lots of rules to ensure that we interact successfully with the villagers, most of whom have not seen foreigners, and will probably never leave their village for their entire lives.

Jeff Ritskes booked us a boat ride on the Mekong, which was lots of fun, a couple of hours on the river, and seeing river life was interesting.

We all went to a Thai restaurant and had our first team meal. Food was great, and everybody had fun and got to know each other a bit better.

Tomorrow we leave for Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia. Bonus, we have a hotel with a pool, which should feel great after our first day of building.

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